• Government premises
  • Office premises
  • Any area in an educational institution or higher education institution
  • Any area in a child care centre
  • Queue of two or more persons in a public place
  • Public museum ,art gallery and library
  • Hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes
  • Building used for religious purposes
  • Market, stall, kiosk, tamu or any business premises; Shops and shopping complex
  • Any area in a petrol station
  • Factory and workshop
  • Financial Institution
  • Public transport or terminals and Motor omnibus, hired or company-owned private buses, school buses, taxicabs and any public
  • service; Any airport including its premises; Any immigration control post including its premises
  • Entertainment centres, indoor roller skating rinks, internet cafes; Recreational Parks; Sports arena, sports stadium, bowling
  • alley, billiard hall, gymnasium, aerobic and fitness centre, public swimming pool, or any other premises for sports activity
  • Function rooms and amenities of any private club
  • Eating place including any toilet
  • Hall, ballroom, function room and hotel lobbies
  • Any area used for any assembly activity in a building other than private or residential building
  • Public staircase, lift or toilet
  • Corridor, lobby, staircase, toilet or other common area in any building
  • Five-foot walkway and within Six meters from the distance of the building line.


The Minister of Health is tasked to enforce the law with the support of the following:

i. Authorized Officers of the Health Enforcement Unit
ii. Authorized Officers under the Department of Health Services comprising of the district medical officers and environmental health inspectors.


Section14 of Tobacco Order 2005: Any person who smokes in any specified place or vehicle is guilty of an offense and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding BND1,000.00 (USD800.00).

Smoking in prohibited places is a compoundable offense.
First offense – BND300.00 (USD240.00)
Second and subsequent offenses – BND500.00 (USD400.00)
The State Mufti or Islamic Scholar has issued a religious ruling (Fatwa) declaring that tobacco is forbidden for Muslims.