National Policy

Ministry of Health 2014 Circular on the Measures for the Banning of Smoking and Blowing of Tobacco Products at Workplaces and Public Places.

(Approved on 24 January 20014 during the Plenary Session of the Council of Ministers with Recommendations from the Prime Minister)


All previous Ministerial Smoke-free Circulars are repealed by the 2014 Ministry of Health Circular.

Smoke-free or Not?

(Barriers in moving towards a 100% Smoke-free Environment based on the FCTC Article 8 Guidelines)

1. Allows designated smoking areas in restaurants and airports

(Non Compliant with the Article 8 Guidelines, Principle 1: Total elimination of smoking and tobacco smoke in a particular space or environment is required to effectively provide protection from exposure to tobacco smoke, as well as to create a 100% smoke-free environment. Principle 2: All people should be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke. All indoor workplaces and indoor public places should be smoke-free.)

2. No fines or penalties. Violators will only be warned.

(Non-Compliant with the Article 8 Guidelines: Enforcement: Penalties: Effective legislation should impose legal responsibilities for compliance on both affected business establishments and individual smokers, and should provide penalties for violations, which should apply to businesses and, possibly, smokers. Most importantly, penalties should be sufficiently large to deter violations or else they may be ignored by violators or treated as mere costs of doing business.)
1 FCTC Art. 8 Guidelines para. 24 provides that Parties have a continuous obligation to remove any exemptions as soon as possible, and each party should strive to provide universal protection within five years of the WHO Framework Convention’s entry into force for that Party.