National Law

Health Law No. 36 of 2009

(Approved on 14 September 2009)


  • Regulation Of The Government Of Indonesia Number 109 Of 2012 Concerning Control Of Materials That Contain Addictive Substances In Tobacco Products In The Interests Of Health (Issued in Jakarta on December 24, 2012)
  • Joint Regulation of the Minister for Health and the Minister for Home Affairs Number 188/Menkes/Pb/I/2011 Number 7 of 2011 Concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of No Smoking Areas
  • Smoke-free or Not?

    (Aligning with Best Practices on Smoke-free)

    The Health Law requires that “local governments have to designate smoke-free zones in their area of jurisdiction.” Article 49 of the Government Regulation (PP) 109 of 2012 requires local governments to designate smoke-free zones. Some local governments have passed legislation requiring 100% smoke-free indoor public places with outdoor smoking areas, others have passed legislation requiring designated smoking rooms, while many others have not passed any legislation.