Smoke-free Places

Places where smoking is prohibited (CTPR Part IV: Prohibition of Smoking)

  • hospital or clinic
  • public lift or toilet
  • public vehicle or public transport terminal
  • any building specified by the Minister by notification in the Gazette under regulation 22
  • government premises
  • any area which is used for any assembly activity in a building other than private or residential building
  • any area in an educational institution or a higher educational institution
  • any area in a nursery
  • school bus
  • shopping complex
  • any area in a petrol station
  • any area in a stadium, sports complex, fitness centre or gymnasium
  • any building or public place which is used for religious purposes
  • library
  • any area in an internet café
  • bank or any financial institution, Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Tenaga National Berhad or Pos Malaysia Berhad
  • air-conditioned eating place or shop
  • airport
  • any area in a National Service Training Centre
  • workplace with centralized air-conditioned system

Designation of Smoking Areas

Provisions relating to Smoking Area: (CTPR Part VIII: Provisions relating to smoking area)

  • The proprietor or the occupier of any air-conditioned eating place, non air-conditioned public transport terminal or open air stadium may designate an area which shall not exceed one third of the air-conditioned eating place, non air-conditioned public transport terminal or open air stadium as a smoking area
  • Any pub, discotheque, night club or casino, at any time when such place is open to the public (CTPR Part IV: Prohibition of Smoking)

Enforcement Team

The Ministry of Health’s Environmental Health Officers stationed at the State and District Health Departments enforces the Law.

Penalty or Fines

  • Any person who commits an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding RM10,000 (USD3,099) or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. (CTPR Part IV: Prohibition of Smoking)
  • Smoking in prohibited places is a compoundable offence. Where the person to whom the offer to compound was made accepts the offer by paying the standard compound of RM250 (USD77.50), he shall be issued an official receipt. (CTPR Part VIII: Matters relating to compounding of offences)

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