National Law

Republic Act 9211 “Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003”

(Approved on 23 June 2003)


National Government Agencies with 100% Smoke-free Policies

1. Bureau of Internal Revenue
2. Bureau of Jail Management and Penology
3. Civil Service Commission
4. Commission on Higher Education
5. Department of Education
6. Department of Health
7. Department of Interior and Local Government
8. Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board
9. Metro Manila Development Authority
10. Philippine National Police

Smoke-free or Not?

(Barriers in moving towards a 100% Smoke-free Environment based on the FCTC Article 8 Guidelines)

1. The Tobacco Regulation Act (RA 9211) was enacted in 2003 therfore some of its provisions are not compliant with FCTC as the Philippines became a Party to the FCTC in 2005 and the FCTC Article 8 Guidelines was only approved in 2007.

2. Allows designated smoking areas in restaurants and airports

(Non Compliant with the Article 8 Guidelines, Principle 1: Total elimination of smoking and tobacco smoke in a particular space or environment is required to effectively provide protection from exposure to tobacco smoke, as well as to create a 100% smoke-free environment. Principle 2: All people should be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke. All indoor workplaces and indoor public places should be smoke-free.)
1 FCTC Art. 8 Guidelines para. 24 provides that Parties have a continuous obligation to remove any exemptions as soon as possible, and each party should strive to provide universal protection within five years of the WHO Framework Convention’s entry into force for that Party.