Smoke-free Places

Non smoking areas under the Health Law:

  • Educational Facilities and its premises
  • Youth Hostels, Recreational facilities for persons below 18 years of age
  • Elevator and stairwells
  • Gasoline stations
  • Healthcare facilities and its premises
  • Public conveyance and public facilities
  • Food preparation areas

Designation of Smoking Areas

  • The law allows the designation of smoking areas in places not included in the list of 100% smoke-free places. The smoking areas may be placed in an open space or separate areas with proper ventilation.

Enforcement Team

  • The concerned city and municipal mayors, building officials, and members of the Philippine National Police are authorized to take necessary steps such as the institution of criminal proceedings against violators of the provisions of the Act, as well as to cause the removal of non-compliant cinema and outdoor advertising, and tobacco-related self-service facilities.
  • Penalty or Fines

    • Fine of P500 to P10,000 (USD11-227)

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