Smoke-free Places

The following places shall be designated Public Places that Protect the Health of Non-Smokers by declaring them Tobacco-Free Areas in their entirety: (Refer to Notification No. 19 for the complete list)

  • Public Health service and health promotion sites
  • Educational Facilities
  • Multi-purpose Public Facilities
  • Public vehicles and transport terminals
  • Religious facilities and ceremonial sites for religions and denominations, such as temples, mosques, and churches.

Enforcement Team

The Ministry of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Bureau takes charge of the overall enforcement of the law. They work together with the health officers of 76 provinces to ensure that the notification is being followed by the public as well as the business establishments. The Bureau receives complaints from the public through their hotline.

Penalty or Fines

  • Fine of THB200-2,000 (USD 6-65) for smoking in places where it is prohibited.
  • Fine of THB2,000 to 20,000 (USD 63-673) will be imposed to operators of establishments who will not comply with the Act.
  • Fine of not more than THB2,000 or imprisonment not exceeding one moth or both will be imposed to operators who will obstruct or fail to facilitate authorities who will inspect their premises.

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