Smoke-free Places

Public places where smoking is completely prohibited (Article 11 of the Law):

1. Areas where smoking is completely prohibited in the indoor areas and outdoor areas within the boundary of the facility:

  • Health facilities
  • Education facilities except for the outdoor areas of universities, colleges and academic institutions
  • Child care facilities and entertainment area designated for children
  • Areas with high risk of fire and explosion

2. Areas where smoking is banned in all indoor areas including:

  • Workplaces
  • Universities and colleges, academic institutes
  • Public places except those places where smoking areas are allowed
  • 3. Public means of transport where smoking is completely prohibited are:

    • Automobiles
    • Air planes
    • Sky train/metro

    Designation of Smoking Areas

    Public places where designated smoking areas are allowed (Article 12 of the Law)

    • Airports segregation areas (waiting areas before boarding the plane)
    • Bars, karaoke lounges, discos hotels and guesthouses
    • Public means of transportation like the ships and trains

    Requirements for a Designated Smoking Area:

    • Should have a separate room from the non-smoking area with proper ventilation
    • Cigarette bins/ashtrays, and signages placed at strategic areas
    • Equipped with fire extinguishers

    Enforcement Team

    The People’s Committees at all levels shall carry out their State management function on the prevention and control of tobacco harms. They should be responsible for the implementation/enforcement of the regulation on the smoking ban regulations in their locality.

    Penalty or Fines

    The Law states that the Ministries of Health, Public Security, Industry and Trade, and National Defense are responsible for implementing fines for violations in the areas and sectors under their management but did not mention the exact fine or penalty. The Decree on Administration Sanctions which is still being revised imposes penalties on smokers who violate the law by subjecting them to a fine of VND200,000 and 300,000 (USD9-14).

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